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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
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I’ve been enjoying a different kind of hat the latter part of this summer and fall.  Rather than wearing my standard golf hat while golfing or camping and hiking, I’ve been wearing a cowboy style hat from “Head ‘N Home.”  There are some famous golfers who have created quite a unique look and vibe wearing cowboy or non standard golf hats.  Greg Norman is the first to come to mind, though I may be better looking (and have a better golf swing) than Greg.  Shingo Katayama is another.

Head ‘N Home makes a ton of hats.  As far as I can tell they may exceed 150.  They range in styles from men’s, women’s, golf, outback and more.

The Breeze Bark

My personal hat is the Breeze Bark model.  This one is a very nice leather hat.  The medium brown color hides dirt and matches with virtually any golf (or hiking) attire I have.

The “crown” (area around the head) of the Breeze Bark hat is a 100% UV protective nylon mesh.  The mesh provides air flow and cooling but still blocks out harmful UV rays.  While hiking in the hot desert of southern Utah in 100+ degree temperatures, the mesh along with the shade of the hat kept me very cool.  Head ‘N Home says the nylon mesh in the Breeze is bullet proof.  I hope I don’t end up being a test for that statement.

There are soft inserts which slip inside the brim of the heat to size the hat just right.  This is good for me because sometimes when I play good golf (not all that often) my head swells with what my pals and I call “swollen cerebral cortex syndrome.”  When the golf gods reset and bring me back to reality and my head goes back to normal size, I can change inserts and still be comfortable with my Breeze Bark.

When I want to take the hat off (like sometimes when I’m shooting photos), I can just throw it off the back of my head and the string (help me here on what this is really called) hangs the hat on my back around my neck.

Advantages over a plain golf hat

Aside from the obvious advantage of getting more chicks, there is another advantage to wearing a great looking hat like this.  Golf hat brims only protect the player’s face and crown from the sun.  A full brimmed hat protects your face and crown of course, but protects the ears and neck as well.


The Breeze Bark had from Head ‘N Home is very good looking, lightweight, crush proof, protects me from harmful UV rays and is just plain cool.





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