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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
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Golf PutterPutter Week 2010 continues…

I mentioned some crazy putters were coming during this year’s Putter Week.  This crazy putter (pictured right) is the Bob Burns “Roll In” putter.  If you like to experiment with your putting, your equipment, club configurations and have ADD, you’re going to want this putter.

Bob Burns Roll In – Features

The Roll In has a 350 gram aluminum mallet head with SEVEN weight ports.  The putter comes with 12, count ’em, TWELVE weights and a tool to install or remove them.  The weights vary from 2-10 grams.  If you can’t find the perfect head balance and weighting with this putter, you might want to take up bowling or basket weaving.

Behind the milled face is a “T” shaped sight line to help you align your putts.  Speaking of the face, tiny grooves are milled into the face to get the ball rolling correctly.

The shaft, available in lengths from 32-37 inches, is a center mount.

Golf PutterLooks

Traditionalists may not dig the looks of the Roll In.  Behind the face in the mallet section is quite busy.  Personally I don’t get distracted by the weights, ports and the rest.  Heck, if my putter had a monkey on the back banging a pair of cymbals in his hands and kicking a bass drum with his feet I wouldn’t care, as long as I made putts.


With heavy weights installed and the jumbo grip,  a smooth pendulum motion with the shoulders and arms occurs naturally for me.  It is difficult to break the wrists or do any sudden movements which might take the putter off line.


My Roll In has a super jumbo grip.  The super jumbo grip is massively bigger than a standard grip and four times the weight.  If you have wrist breaking problems or other jerky issues with your putting stroke, this grip and the extra weight it adds higher up in the shaft will probably help.

Other than the jumbo grip pictured above, there are 16 other grip options for the Roll In.


This $125 putter is fun.  It combines the art of putting with a set of Tinker Toys.  All joking about it aside, it is a surprisingly good feeling putter.  The weighting and balance are very nice and promote a smooth, pendulum like stroke.  The adjustable weights allow for fine tuning by even the most detail oriented players.


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