PING and Apple joining forces? That has to be good, right?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
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Two of my favorite companies are Apple and PING.  If I could have a PING laptop I’m sure it would be easy to hit and the longest laptop on the market.

PING and Apple are working together on a new feature in Apple’s iTunes called “social music discovery.”

I’m not sure what PING and Apple have to do with discovering social music so stand by while I try to figure out just what they’re doing.


Now that I’ve read deeper, it appears that Apple and PING are not working from a physical product standpoint.  It appears that PING owns the rights to any social network using the name PING so Apple must have reached out to them.  Apple’s new Ping is simply a new music social network where you can follow artists and the artists your friends follow.

Ping test drive = FAIL

Okay, after another hour I must say I’m not terribly impressed with Apple’s Ping.  After setting up a profile, in which attempting to upload two different JPG’s for my profile image failed, I selected the following genres of music which I like: Rock, jazz and blues.  There was no METAL or even just heavy rock selection, which is lame.  That’s my main genre.

After setting up rock-jazz-blues, Ping’s first suggestion for me was Lady Gaga.  Um, that is not rock, jazz or blues.  Selection #2 for me, based on my rock-jazz-blues selection was Yo-Yo Ma, a classical cellist.  Last time I checked, classical cello music isn’t in the rock-jazz-blues genre.  Selection #3 (stop me any time) was Katy Perry, bubble gum pop.  If I listened to that for more than 9 seconds I think my head would explode.

I’m sorry Apple (and/or PING), but Ping in it’s current state is a definite FAIL.  NONE of the artists the engine selected for me were anywhere near the style I’m looking for, and once again METAL was not listed as a category I could select.  FAIL.

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