Win a bottle of Annika Sorenstam perfume

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 4th, 2009
Categories: Site News

My two golf sites, Hooked On Golf Blog and The Golf Space, have a new sponsor this December, Annika perfume by Annika Sorenstam.  I have a bottle and I’m making the ladies I know wear some so I can do a review shortly.  I’m in the “sniffvaluation” period right now.  So far I like it.

The makers of Annika perfume asked me how I can help get the word out about their product so I suggested we run a couple of contests for December and the winners will get a bottle as a prize.

The Contests

At Hooked On Golf Blog I’m running a comment contest.  The best comment for the month will be the winner.  And with the latest “events” in the golf world there should be plenty of material to comment on.

At The Golf Space, which is like a Facebook for golfers, we have a feature called “Karma.”  Every person’s profile has a thumbs up and thumbs down you can click on to vote for them.  It is like the “like” button on Facebook only you can “dislike” spammers or boneheads too.  We have monthly and yearly Karma prizes.  So the person with the highest Karma rating at the end of December wins a bottle of Annika.

If you just want to pick up a bottle now as a golf Christmas gift you can pick it up on Annika’s site or at The Golf Space SHOP.