I receive five or more email requests EVERY DAY to blog about a crowdfunding project for a “great new product that is going to change the game.” I’m all about the spirit of entrepreneurs and the dedication it takes to design, build, and release a product for sale. That said, if I posted about every Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign the blog would be overflowing with that content, which isn’t interesting and would make the site very spammy.

I focus on real reviews of real golf products. I give my best regards to those who want me to post about their crowdsourcing campaigns but I have to decline at this point, unless you want to talk about some paid advertising.

When you DO have a REAL production product, hit me up. I’ll be happy to look at doing a product review of it then, free of charge, if I think it would be an interesting item to cover for the awesome HOG readers.

Good luck and thanks for your consideration.