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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, July 7th, 2020
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Man I tried to get this post out by the 4th of July a couple of days ago, but the new “every day” polos from Tropical Bros arrived just before the 4th.  I wore the Stars N Stripes polo 2 out of 3 days over the 4th of July weekend and I was very happy with the fit, style, and performance.  And it is soooo patriotic! Fantastic.

Stars N Stripes

This polo features moisture wicking, which helps keep the wearer cool and dry in the summer.  I just did a big hike up and ski down here at Alta Ski Area while wearing the Stars N Stripes.  It was over two miles to get to the last remaining skiable snow, and by the time I had made it to where this picture below was taken, I’d climbed over 2,000 vertical feet as well.  In other words, it was a strenuous climb.  But I was nice and cool and dry with my Tropical Bros polo.  I’m not sure this is what “Tropical” Bros had in mind, but I’m about obscure and challenging activities along with golf.

I did make a few swings in the Stars N Stripes.  Super comfortable. The soft fabric moves with the swing and doesn’t bind or stretch restrict the body contortions of the swing. And when I swing, it is pretty contorted.


The Stars N Stripes is made from a very durable poly spandex fabric. As mentioned, the fabric helps pull moisture away from the wearer. These types of fabric are a dream to maintain as opposed to old school crappy cotton.  Polys and spandex almost never wrinkle.  They can be worn right out of the dryer. Oh, and the polo can be washed and dried in a dryer.  No worries about, ahem, shrinkage.


To accommodate even the largest of customers, sizes range from small to triple-extra-large.

Final Thoughts

This is one super comfortable and light polo. There are so many great places this one will come in handy from the golf course to the beach, to even the ski slopes. Show your patriotism and snag a Stars N Stripes.  You’ll be thrilled with the purchase.


One response to “Tropical Bros Stars N Stripes Polo”

  1. rsuntheimer says:

    I love this shirt and I am going to buy one for my husband and my son. I served my country for 29 years and I think in times like these more of us should show our patriotism. Even if it is by just wearing a Stars n Stripes polo shirt.
    Great Shirt. Thank you for reviewing this shirt.





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