Wasted Management Open – If This is How to Grow Golf, Count Me Out

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 4th, 2019
Categories: BoneheadsPGA TourPro Golf

I didn’t watch one second of the Waste Wasted Management Open.  Hats off to Rickie Fowler for the win. I’m sure Taylormade will be all over that, claiming that Fowler’s recent switch to their golf ball was the reason.  Fair enough.

I saw an amazing video on Twitter (below) which came from the gallery, a “lady” double chugging beers as the crowd cheers her on.

What a proud moment for her. It must have topped the time she won the beer chugging contest at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat house over at ASU.  I hope the results at the free clinic came back negative.

If this is how to “grow golf,” count me out.

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