More Loft

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, November 4th, 2018
Categories: GolfHackers

I’ve been quite happy with my Cobra Golf King F8 driver this season. My driving accuracy is off the charts since I put it in the bag. Normally I’m a low ball hitter with the driver, straight or a slight draw.

I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that recently I haven’t been playing with the optimal settings. Either that or my swing has changed a bit. When I first got the driver, I went through every setting and ended up with 10.5 degrees and a draw bias.  That was months ago.

During some of my rounds this summer I’ve noticed that a couple of the guys I play with/against have been hitting their drives about 10 and even 20 yards past mine, despite my contact feeling good and the ball mark on the face being dead center.  Perhaps a little too much spin, or not enough… something.  One thing I’ve noticed is that one playing partner/opponent who has been hitting it past me has a much higher trajectory.  Much higher.

So for the hell of it on the range before a recent round I went up one degree to 11.5 and kept the draw bias.  I found that I had to tee the ball a little higher with that setup for some reason, but when I dialed in my ball position I started bombing some high and long drives, still keeping the accuracy.

I’ve been going with the 11.5 setting for a few rounds and I’m very confident when driving the ball, and I’m hitting it longer than I was this summer.  The extra loft is giving me more carry and since conditions here aren’t hard like Scotland, there’s not a lot of roll. In cases like that it is best to carry the ball farther in the air.

I’ll be going like this for the time being, unless I decide to go up to 12 degrees. 🙂

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