First Look: Cobra Golf F-Max Superlight Combo – Irons Hybrids and Woods for Moderate Swing Speeds

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 25th, 2018
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Mission: Rekindle my 82 year old dad’s love for golf.

Plan: Get dad into a set of super-light clubs specifically designed for his game to get his swing speed up, distance increased, and accuracy improved.

Solution: Cobra Golf’s NEW F-Max Superlight combo set of irons, hybrids and woods.

Distance in golf is achieved through increased club-head speed.  The heavier the clubs and stiffer the shafts, the harder it is to generate that speed.  With age my dad has lost some flexibility and swing speed, and that adds up to distance loss.  With super-light and easy to swing clubs which are extremely forgiving, the hope is that he’ll rejuvenate his game and his enjoyment.

Cobra F-Max Superlight Driver

Cobra F-Max Superlight Driver

Over the next few weeks my dad will be testing out the Cobra Golf F-Max Superlight Combo set, and documenting his experience. Then we will collaborate together on a review which will be posted here at Hooked on Golf Blog to document the results.

F-Max Superlight Combo with Bag

I’m thrilled to get my dad rocking on a new set of clubs to help him return to enjoying his game.  Stay tuned for the full review.

F-Max Combo Set

Visit the HOG image gallery for more images of the Cobra Golf F-Max Superlight Combo set.


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