First Look: MyCharge Portable Power Outlet

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, June 30th, 2018
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The life of a golf blogger is exciting! Exotic locations, high-end golf courses, golf babes, the best in golf equipment… When I’m traveling I use up a lot of power with my many cameras and mobile computing devices.  Posting live blogs, social networking commentary, photos, and videos eats up a lot of juice.  Plus I have golf GPS’s, bluetooth speakers, and all sorts of other devices I need to charge on the road.  Sometimes I’m nowhere near a power outlet and that’s when MyCharge comes in.  I’ve got many MyCharge units in my arsenal (see related links below).  Now I have the mother of all portable chargers ready for its first gig, the MyCharge Portable Power Outlet.

MyCharge Portable Power Outlet

MyCharge Portable Power Outlet

The Portable Power Outlet packs 20,000mAh of juice, a massive amount. Through two USB ports, a USB-C port, and a 110 volt 65 watt power plug, I can charge up or run many devices at once, including laptops and items which require a wall plug.

I’m about to take this monster on the road to Bandon Dunes, as well as the regular rigorous HOG golf blog schedule. I will post my full review and findings soon. Stay tuned, and stay charged!

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