Review: Bombtech Golf Grenade2 Driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
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Back in June of 2014 I reviewed the Bombtech Golf Grenade Driver. It became my gamer driver until my dad confiscated it from me and refused to give it back after trying it.  At 82, he’s still killing that driver and it even has a stiff shaft.  Four years later I’ve now gotten my hands on the 2nd iteration of the Grenade, the Grenade2.  I’ve got the Grenade2 Driver as part of a current combo on the Bombtech website which includes a free 3-wood.  Let’s take a look at the Grenade2 Driver. Pull the pin.

Grenade2 Driver

While the first version of the driver is an excellent driver, version 2 improves in the area of weighting and aerodynamics.

The Grenade2 driver features a dual cavity design in the club head. This design shifts the weighting to the center and perimeter, and helps with aerodynamics, reducing drag.  The more deeper and lower the center of gravity is, the better the driver can launch the ball with lower spin.

The hitting area of the club face is very large, which helps on those “off” center shots. Let’s face it.  Every club out there will produce a great result if the impact point is in the sweet spot.  It’s how good the club performs on non-sweet spot shots is more important for most golfers, myself included.


The face material is Ti-1188 hardened titanium.  The head weighs in at 199 grams.  The head is 450cc’s, 10cc’s lower than the maximum allowed by golf’s governing bodies.

The lie is 59* while the face of the club is closed 1 degree.  One degree closed is typical of most drivers for amateurs.  Length: 45.75 inches.

No, the head is not adjustable.

The shaft is a custom Grenade branded model with a mid kick point and a mid-high launch. My shaft of choice is stiff.

The grip is a custom grip with a grenade on the end of the handle.

Head Cover

The zippered head cover is nice, with some great graphics. Here is the head cover combo:

3-wood and Grenade2 driver with covers


This review is primarily the Grenade2 driver, but I will mention the 3-wood here since I got it as part of the special combo.  The 3-wood matches the driver with the dual cavity.  The look and style are also right in line with the driver.  It’s a solid 3-wood!

Grenade 3-wood

On The Course

I’ve been testing the Grenade2 Driver for about six weeks now at 3+ rounds and 2-3 range sessions per week.  I was surprised at how easily I could hit the Grenade2, from the first ball I hit.  The club sets up nice visually and despite the fact that I had a 9 degree, it didn’t look too steep or unforgiving.

I was worried about not hitting the Grenade2 high enough, but that concern ended with the first couple of shots.  It did take me a while to figure out ball position, probably due to the shaft more than the club head.  Because of the kick and launch angle, I found that I had to tee the ball up fairly low.  I thought with a 9 I’d have to tee it higher.  Even with the 9 teed lower, I still launch it as high or higher than my previous 10.5 degree driver.

The sound and feel off the face is terrific, and it produces a very lively and hot feel with high ball speed.  The ball explodes off the face while the feedback through feel and sound is rewarding.

Off-center shots still go very far and are not too far off line.

Final Thoughts

The performance of the Grenade2 driver equals or betters big brand name drivers and does it at 50%-60% of the cost. Did I mention that includes a free 3-wood?  Pull the pin.  BOOM!

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