Roll and Go Caddy – Roll Up Your Balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 17th, 2018
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The Roll and Go Caddy ($39.95) is a golf accessory which allows the user to pick up golf balls without bending over. Just roll the unit over the ball and it picks the ball up. It can pick up 2-3 balls.

I played a round with the unit in hand and was able to pick some balls up. No problem. Perhaps the handle could be a little longer as there is still some bending over needed, and I’m not a tall person.

I don’t really see any serious player using this product, but I do see a possible attraction to older golfers or golfers with bad backs who don’t want to bend over. Perhaps it’s good for scrambles, or when practicing chipping. The product does work as advertised, but it isn’t that easy to snatch up a ball from a golf cart (see blooper video below).

I also have a critique about the word “caddy.”  Waaaaay too many golf products use the word buddy or caddy in them.  Also, the proper spelling of the word is “caddie.” 🙂

Action Video!

Blooper Video

Final Thoughts

My 5-year-old loves this thing. He runs up and down the hallway with it, “making tracks” in the carpet.

Once again, I don’t see any serious golfer or Tour type player using this. But older golfers or golfers with bad backs might like using the Roll and Go Caddy to pick up balls without bending over… bending over very much that is.

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