Augusta National Par-3 Course Photo Gallery

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 4th, 2018
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Today is is par-3 day at The Masters Tournament.  On the Wednesday of Masters week there is a tournament at the Augusta National par-3 course.  This tournament has been going since 1960.  The par-3 is a fun tournament where players interact closely with fans.  Some players who are not in the Masters Tournament are allowed to play the par-3 tournament.   Prior to the par-3 tournament there used to be a driving contest.

Augusta National Golf Club - Par-3 Course

Augusta National Golf Club – Par-3 Course – Click for more images

The par-3 tournament takes place at Augusta National’s par-3 course, possibly the most beautiful par-3 course in the world, though the folks at Three Tops located at Treetops Resort might argue that point.  As you will likely hear, no player who has won the par-3 contest has gone on to win the Masters Tournament.

Augusta Par-3 Course

Tiny greens… Augusta National Par-3 Course (click image to view gallery)

Did you know there’s a boat on the grounds of Augusta National? I found one!

Ahoy there…. Click to view more

I walked every hole of Augusta National’s par-3 course one of the last times I was at the Masters, and shot a ton of photos.  For one shot I even snuck onto a little boat I found in the lake.  The skies were a little gray the day I shot them but the course still looks great.  I put together a gallery of 77 images of the course, the largest and most complete online photo gallery of the course that I’m aware of.  All for you HOG “patrons.”  Click the photos or the link below to view the gallery.

Augusta National Par-3 Course Photo Gallery

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