Hooked on Golf Blog Wins Another Award

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Categories: Boneheads

I’m so honored, humbled, and grateful. My golf blogging career has reached its peak. The top. The pinnacle. The best of the best. Top dog. Top o’ the heap. Crème de la crème. Pick of the litter. Upper crust. Upper class. Beau monde. High society. The elite.

This blog has been selected as “one of the Top 30 Women’s Golf Blogs on the web.”  I’m sure glad the award specified “on the web” too, because it would be weird to win “Top 30 Women’s Golf Blogs on the floor of the ocean,” or something like that.

It’s fantastic for the “Hooked on Golf Team” to be recognized for its hard work and thrilling to know that the HOG “contribution to this world” has not gone unnoticed.

Of course the most awarded golf blog in the history of awarded golf blogs is “honored to display the award badge.” I hope they don’t mind and understand that I didn’t post the html code linking back to their site though. I’m sure the award and the “code to display the badge proudly” isn’t designed to simply generate link backs and search engine optimization for the awarding site.  It’s just that my humbled fingers got tired from typing about this honor.

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