New Feature: HOG World Tour Interactive MAP!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 26th, 2017
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The HOG World Tour has been a “thing” now for 10+ years. I’ve traveled to many cool places and experienced golf around the world in some tremendous locations. I thought it would be cool to document all of the places I’ve played golf somehow. Being a web developer by day, I thought of coding an interactive map with markers on it to show all the courses. At this point I have entered 172 points on the map and I’m fairly sure I’ve forgotten a bunch. Check out the map here:

Down the road (so to speak) I may be able to put other things on the map, like resorts or cool places, represented by different icons.

I’ll be adding some new features and items to the map soon so stay tuned.

2 responses to “New Feature: HOG World Tour Interactive MAP!”

  1. golf4me says:

    Cool stuff Tony! My best buddy was one of the founders of The Stonewall Club in PA. Nice course and great story about building it. Come to Upstate NY and add Saratoga National Golf Club. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Sounds good. It was a great two days: Stonewall/Aronomink.