Today I Golf – First Time Since November 2016 – Will I Keep Golfing?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 12th, 2017
Categories: Golf
Bonneville Golf Course Aerial Photo by Tony Korologos

Bonneville Golf Course Aerial Photo by Tony Korologos

3-4 Month Break

I’ve had quite a long winter break from playing (and paying for) golf.  The last round I played was a rained out 9-holes in Morocco back in November of 2016.  Honestly I haven’t missed playing at all.  That has been a strange experience.  I haven’t missed paying for it either, but the 10 times I went skiing this winter (so far) have more than made up for the cost of golf. People think golf is an elitist sport. Skiing is easy 2-3x as expensive and even more time consuming.

Golfing Today

Anyway, my regular Sunday group has a 9:22am tee time today, two hours from now.  It’s daylight saving time now, so it will be like starting at 8:22, cold.  I’m not going into this round expecting much. The only thing I’m counting on is having a cigar at the halfway point.  Haven’t had a cigar since about November as well.

Season Pass

While I’m thinking about how I haven’t missed golf, I’m considering buying a season pass.  Yes, it makes no sense. I’m sort of assuming I’ll play this year just like I have every year.  So if I’m going to do that, might as well get a season pass, right?  The city of Salt Lake has a pass which covers seven courses.  All I have to do is play 38 times in a year to break even.  That’s less than once per week, though we don’t get to golf much in the winter.  Even if I just play 2x a week at Bonneville like I have for years, the pass will break even after 19 weeks.

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