Golf Superstition #69: Cart Number

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 14th, 2016
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I’m not ashamed to admit I ride a golf cart sometimes.  You come here when it is 106 degrees and walk 14 miles on a course that’s hillier than Augusta before you give me that “only real players walk” argument.  I walk as much as I can in this old body with the bad back.

When you ride a golf cart are you superstitious like me?

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Anyway, if I do take a golf cart (“buggy” for you in the UK… toot toot!), I have this thing with cart numbers.  I won’t pick a “bad” number.  It’s part of that golf superstition thing:

Bad golf cart (buggy) numbers:

37-50 (bad nine hole scores)
73-100 (over par 18 hole scores)
120 (complete hack)
13 (unlucky, right?)

Good golf cart (buggy) numbers:

69 (you do the math)
59-72 (all great golf scores)
29-36 (good nine-hole golf scores)

This is normal, right?

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