Great Article by Rory Hughes – The Internet is Killing Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, January 10th, 2016
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GS4Ironically, via the internet I stumbled upon a great article which gives a different perspective and reason for the shrinking game of golf, the internet. The net actually grew golf for me, exposing me to much more information about golf, playing the game, golf travel, golf equipment and so on.  But I get what writer Rory Hughes is saying. It’s much more easy for people to surf the web and update their Facebook status or watch funny cat videos than it is to play a difficult long, expensive game in nature for five-plus hours without an internet connection.

Nice job Mr. Hughes. It’s a great angle and certainly a contributing factor to golf’s struggles.

If the web is the primary reason for golf’s shrinkage, I wish it would hurry and get as shrunk as it can. My home course is too crowded and the rounds take too long.  It’s too expensive, plus the greens take too much of a beating. If we could get more people staying at home watching funny cat videos I could get a full 18 hole round completed in less than five hours, on better greens.

Get on it.

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