First Golf Blog of 2016 – Happy New Year

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, January 2nd, 2016
Categories: GolfMiscellaneous

I got so sick of golf and golf blogging last year that I decided to shut it down until the next year.  It’s been a nice five day break since that last post of 2015.

Happy New Year.

I didn’t get to a lot of my regular end of the year posts in 2015. I didn’t do the 2016 HOG Turkey of the Year.  Didn’t do the products of the year.  A few factors have been involved in my slacking a bit.  One is that I’ve been struggling with my game, on the course and off.  That has hurt my motivation.  The other is the horrid back injury I got on the day before Thanksgiving.  It made doing anything tough.  For nearly four weeks I was in terrible pain.

I may or may not get to the Turkey of the Year.  My guess is it would/will be Robert Allenby for his escapades in strip clubs and being kidnapped or perhaps not kidnapped.  Then again, the camera man who knocked out Tiger Woods’s tooth is probably right up there.

Best products for 2015 are probably Bobby Jones or Dunning on the apparel side.  Bridgestone or Mizuno for their irons.  Perhaps Bushnell or Golf Buddy for their golf GPS’s and golf lasers.

Now is the time of year for me to evaluate 2015 and look forward to what I want to do in ’16, on and off the course and on this 11+ year old golf blog.  What did I do well?  What needs to be improved?  What should I bail on?  What new stuff should I try?

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