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Golf Stock Photo Fail – The Golf Bag – How Not to Wear it and What Not to Put in It

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, December 15th, 2015
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This post is a continuation of the hard hitting golf journalistic series “Golf Stock Photo Fail.” Subtitle: “The Golf Bag.” Be sure to check out part one, Golf Stock Photo Fail – Golf Technique, part two: Golf Stock Photo Fail – The Joy of Leaving Putts Short, and part three Golf Stock Photo Fail – Hump Your Golf Partner.

Apparently the golf bag is a very foreign thing for photographers, advertisers, and people who don’t golf. It can be very complicated, you know, slinging a bag over one’s shoulder. The complexity of the golf bag worsens when one tries to put clubs in it. How many? Two, none, seven? Which ones?

How two morons carry golf bags. As a bonus, neither bag has no more than 4-5 clubs.

Too dumb to figure out the shoulder strap… Awesome. At least he only has 5 clubs! Seriously. Between the two golfers posing for the image and the photographer(s) nobody could figure this out?

“I don’t need to stinking 14 clubs! Wait this bag has a shoulder strap? I thought golf bags were to be carried under the armpit.” –The more I look at this, the more it looks like the bag and the dude were photoshopped together.

Why is this lady carrying an empty golf bag? And why has the photographer rotated the horizon of this shot 36.2 degrees counter-clockwise? And what about the poor, frightened children who obviously have to pee?

“I’m a badass mother f**ker. I only need 7 clubs but I do need a golf cart to carry my bag with 7 clubs. And just because, I put the bag on the passenger’s side of the cart. Don’t mess with me.”

“I can’t believe this bitch is making me carry a tour bag with only 5 clubs.”

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