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This is Undoubtedly the HOTTEST Golf Ball I’ve Ever Hit

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
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This ball goes so far and high it burned up on re-entry into the atmosphere.  I hit this ball so hard it burst into flames.

hot golf ball


Actually this ball is one of hundreds one can find on my home course, burned to a crisp. My course is so swampy that the foliage grows so high that they burn it down so you can see the fairway from the tee.

This ball pictured above caught my eye, but there were others just as fascinating. One was a wound ball (the kind with rubber bands inside) and the side of the ball had burned open. The rubber bands had been shot outside of the hole, like the ball barfed them out. I should have shot a picture of that one too, but I was too busy trying to follow up an 11 with a birdie…

Don’t ask.

One response to “This is Undoubtedly the HOTTEST Golf Ball I’ve Ever Hit”

  1. DogLeg Reaper says:

    It must have hurt to grab the ball to put it back on the tee. Too funny, nice picture. This made me laugh.