This is What it’s All About

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 30th, 2015
Categories: Life

Yesterday was a fantastic day.  On the date of his 2.5 year birthday, my little guy Seve (the 2034 Masters Tournament Champion) got to putt on a real putting green for the first time.

The little guy has been whacking plastic balls all around the house saying “that’s a good one,” for a while.  Yesterday I played a round of golf with my dad.  Seve and his momma were waiting by the 18th green for us to finish.  When the little guy saw me he ran to me and had to show me his putting.

The slogan of Hooked On Golf Blog for many years has been “Golf, Life.  In That Order.”  With my son Seve being born exactly 2.5 years ago, the slogan has been reversed quite often.  Today golf and life were one in the same.

Following the round we all enjoyed a “wee pint,” of milk.

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