Top 13 Ways Tiger Woods’s Golf Game Could Get Worse

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, February 13th, 2015
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Has Tiger lost his bite?

Has Tiger lost his bite?

I’ve had this post in draft mode for a couple of days.  It was going to be my big Friday stunner piece this week.  Yeah, right.  Then Tiger made a statement yesterday.  He said he was taking a leave of absence from golf to get his game straightened out.  His team must have hacked into the HOG server and read the list below, and advised him to hang it up for a bit, to prevent his game from getting worse…

So many golf pundits have the diagnosis and the solutions to Tiger Woods’s golf problems.  They’re all failing to look at the most frightening angle of the Tiger Woods struggles.  There’s a very true statement in golf (which I coined but there’s no way I’m the only one to coin it):

“No matter how bad your golf game is, it could always get worse.”

Tiger’s game could get worse.  How?  Here you go…

Top 13 Ways Tiger Woods’s Golf Game Could Get Worse

  1. The chipping yips get worse, or even move into other parts of his game, such as putting
  2. Obsession with TrackMan numbers
  3. Obsession with “traj”
  4. Attempting to regain distance loss
  5. Glutile dysfunction – failure to properly activate glutes
  6. Analysis paralysis: becoming over-technical, over-analytical and not relying on talent and feel
  7. Too many “reps.”  Too few “reps.”
  8. Legal/divorce issues cause loss of focus
  9. Surgery to repair (insert body part here)
  10. Lindsey Vonn (or other women)
  11. (Hires new, hires old, tell all book written by) swing coach
  12. More teeth knocked out by Italian videographers
  13. Tiger goes out for a night on the town with Robert Allenby

If you have more ways Tiger’s game could get worse, comment them in here, on the HOG Twitter, my own Twitter, or on the HOG Facebook.


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