2014 Christmas Classic

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 26th, 2014
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Yesterday, Christmas day, was a blast.  Once again a few buddies and I continued on the annual “Christmas Classic” golf tournament, where we hit the 12 Balls of Christmas.  The winner is the player whose ball is closest to the pin.  Usually we pick a par-3 hole, or as was the case yesterday, we make one up.

The competitors left to right: Robert, Kevin, Dan, Tony (me) – Click to see more photos…

Yesterday’s hole for the championship featured the teeing area of the par-3 3rd hole.  From there we hit back over the bridge to the par-4 2nd hole green.  The shot was about 147 yards, with a light snow flurry blowing from left to right (a north wind of course).

The competition was fun and when we arrived at the green to see who the champion golfer of the year would be, my friend and really good guy Dan was the winner.  He knocked a shot to about two feet!

2014 Christmas Classic Champion Dan! Well Played! Click to see more photos…

Congratulations to Dan, the champion golfer of the year.  That’s a fine shot, old chap.

Stay tuned for the video highlights soon.

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