Golf Joke Book Review: Two Golf Balls Rolled Into A Bar

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, December 1st, 2014
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This is a perfect book for me (no not a picture book). It is the kind of book I can grab and read a page or two and glom some mild entertainment from.

I played golf with a masseuse. She rubbed me the wrong way.


I played golf with a midget. He had a great short game.

These are a couple of highlights from the golf joke book Two Golf Balls Rolled Into A Bar

Golf Joke Book

Golf Joke Book

This is a fun book to have sitting around at the office, on the coffee table, or by the commode.

Suggested Jokes for Volume 2

“You know you’re a bad golfer when you need to re-grip your ball retriever.”

“A blind squirrel humps a broken military clock twice a day (obviously more to this story).”

“Golf is 90% mental.  The other 10% is in your head.”

“I asked my caddie if I could hit through the tree saying ‘trees are 90% air.’  He said, ‘so is a screen door.'”

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