Memo to the Rude Ladies in the Group Behind

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 10th, 2014
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Yesterday was quite possibly the last decent golf day of the season here in northern Utah.  64 and sunny on November 9th is a big bonus.  Today it is snowing.

Naturally at the public course yesterday there was a big crowd.  The course was packed and the tee sheet full all day.  We all know a sunny day in November is a bonus and want to take full advantage.

While hitting my approach shot to the par-4 4th green I heard the threesome of ladies in the group behind ours yelling.  Right in my backswing they yelled, “we want to finish by dark!”  I didn’t think much of it because I was not sure who they were yelling at.

While hitting my tee shot on the par-5 5th hole they yelled again, right in my backswing: “Asshole!!!”

At this point I asked the guys in my group what the hell was the problem with these ladies.  I was not aware, but the ladies had also driven their tee shots into our group on #4 fairway, while we were IN the fairway waiting to hit.  I was left of the fairway and not near where their tee balls landed, but the shots nearly hit the other guys I was playing with.  One of the guys in our group, an employee of the course, drove his cart back to ask the ladies not to hit into us.  They complained that our group was playing too slow.  What they failed to notice was that the course was packed with groups and our group was waiting on every shot.  While the pace of play may not have been what anyone wanted, our group could not have gone any faster.

Agitated by all this crap, I hit a hook on #5 tee shot and ended up in trees.  Eventually I would card a double-bogey 7.

The rest of the round these ladies did everything they could to be loud and obnoxious.  They were dropping f-bombs all over the place, yelling…  They drove their carts up intentionally making noise while our players were teeing off on the par-3 9th. We had been waiting for the green to clear for 10 minutes.

While waiting to hit our approach shots on the 12th fairway an assistant pro drove up to our group to talk to us.  The ladies had called the shop to complain.  The position where we were waiting was a perfect vantage point to see the groups ahead of us.  The course was jammed: 12 green, 13 tee, 13 fairway, 13 green, 14 tee, 14 fairway, 14 green…  No gaps in sight.  It was quite funny that when the assistant drove up we were all standing there waiting, with nowhere to go.

Final Thoughts

Slow play sucks.  I get that.  But these clueless ladies did not have the awareness to realize there were groups upon groups ahead of us and there was no way we could move any faster than we did.  The ladies eventually left the course after they finished the 13th hole.  Good riddance.  With the rude ladies in tow I was 6-over par. The final five holes were peaceful.  In that serenity I was 1-under par.

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