Review: LaGila Sports Golf Wipes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
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Golf Wipes

Golf Wipes

With a 23 month old toddler in the house my best friend is baby wipes. They’re like miracle cloths that clean up milk, food, fingerprints, barf. You know, the crucial stuff.

Golf Wipes by LaGila Sports are the golf equivalent to baby wipes.  They’re moist and clean debris, dirt, grass out off of golf club faces and out of the grooves.  The product can also be used on golf balls.

These wipes come in the same type of portable package as baby wipes, and dispense one at a time as needed. The package contains 18 wipes and runs about $9.00 with shipping.  Assuming one wipe per hole, that’s 50 cents per hole.

Product Features (courtesy of product website)

  • Each package is re-sealable and contains 18 pre-moistened golf wipes
  • Pre-moistened and skin safe to clean golf balls and club faces where and when needed…while you are playing
  • Double sided wipe for greatest effectiveness; textured side for deep cleaning, soft side for surface cleaning
  • Sandalwood Fragrance
  • Eliminate dirty and dry towels from the cart and the laundry
  • Great for players at all levels; Great gifts for all golfers
  • Christmas stocking stuffers, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and holidays

On the Course

I used the product for a few rounds and it worked fine. In the photo below you can see a before and after example.

Left: notice dirt in grooves – Right: clean!

Honestly though, I saw no difference in results between the wipes and a moist golf towel. I always soak my towel before heading the to the first tee.

That said, golf towels can get pretty dirty and I’m sure they’re a candidate for bacteria where a disposable wipe is thrown away after use.


LaGila Sports Golf Wipes deliver as promised. Clubs are clean and shiny.   At an additional cost of 50 cents per wipe, I still would opt to use a towel rather than buy this product.  In fact, golf towels can be less than $10 so if one had a $9 “cleaning budget” per round, he/she could just buy a new towel every time.

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