Thankful the Golf Gods Smiled Upon Me

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 6th, 2014
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Many times I’ve used this golf blog to vent my frustrations with the game of golf.  I do admit I’ve done my fair share of whining and snivelling about my scores and my short game.  Golf is hard. Golf is frustrating.  It is a game that cannot be mastered, yet I still do it and often wonder why.

Yesterday I apparently had some positive credit with the golf gods.  I was the beneficiary of two crazy breaks, which both resulted in birdie.

First break was on the 7th hole at Bonneville here in Salt Lake.  That hole parallels a busy street and the green sits next to a fence bordering the street.  Any pulled shot left of the green could hit a car.  I hit a wild drive into the right treeline.  From 130 or so out, I punched a pitching wedge at the pin, but hit it way too hard.  The ball bounced off the fence and settled to about two feet from the hole.  I made the birdie putt.

The second break was on the very long par-3 15th.  I hit a hybrid from 235 but hit a bit of an inside the club face thin shot which resulted in a low power fade.  Not my intended shot.  The ball rolled onto the green and settled about 15 inches from the cup, nearly going in.  I made the birdie putt.

Finally the golf gods rewarded a good shot on the 18th hole.  18 at Bonneville is a 470 yard par-4 where the second shot is over a ravine (image below).

salt lake city golf

18th Hole – Bonneville Golf Course

After a 300 yard drive I sat at 173.  I hit a 100% pure 7-iron on the exact line I visualized before the shot.  The flight was nice and high with a tiny draw.  It hit short-right of the pin and followed the green’s contour right into the hole for EAGLE.  I was +2 on the round going into the final hole so the eagle got me back to even par 72 on the day, a tie for my best score of the season.

It seems like the ball bounces negatively more in golf than it does positively.  Yesterday though, it was all positive and for that I’m thankful.  Next time I’m out I fix a few more ball marks and fill in a few more divots.  Need to keep making deposits into the golf karma kitty.

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