First Look: Ball Couture – Golf Balls for Women

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, September 21st, 2014
Categories: Golf

I’ve got an interesting dilemma now that some golf balls have been sent in for review by Ball Couture.  These are ladies golf balls.  Yes, here’s your opportunity to make fun of me and say I hit it like a girl.  I’ve actually played with “girls” who hit it farther than most guys.

A ball for many moods, outfits, or swing thoughts…

I could wait until the snow flies here and test them in the winter.  We play women’s golf balls in the winter because they’re so much softer.  Or perhaps I can find a lady golfer who is willing to try these out and write a report about them.

The Ball Couture golf balls come in four different colors with four different markings on them.  The yellow has sunglasses.  Orange comes with a high heeled shoe.  Pink comes with a martini glass.  Green comes with a wedding ring.  Now women can match their golf balls to their outfits or perhaps their moods.

Orange golf balls… Perhaps Ricky Fowler should play these.

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