Need Some Fresh Golf Tips? Try Your Horoscope

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
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I was thumbing through the newspaper at lunch today.  For those who don’t know, a newspaper is a big piece of paper with news printed on it.  I haven’t read a horoscope in years, but happened onto it so I checked mine (Libra).

“A problem is likely to occur when you become too immersed in an issue.”

Woa.  I couldn’t help thinking they were talking about my short game.  Perhaps I’m over thinking my short game?  Too immersed?  Maybe I should relax and let it flow, rather than being so hyper focused on it?

I decided I should check out the other horoscopes and that’s when I realized that this set from Jacqueline Bigar was 90% usable for the golf world if I just used the last sentence of each one.  My golf interjections are in (parentheses).


As the day goes on, you might need some time to tackle a problem (with your putting).


Act quickly and ask questions (to your golf instructor).


You might feel confused (because this damn game is hard!).


You’ll have the energy and right attitude to get past any problems (with your greens in regulation).


You will have no choice but to deal with the issue (of the yips).


You might decide to go out on your own (for nine more holes).


A problem is likely to occur when you become too immersed in an issue (like your short game).


Your ability to see past the obvious defines a situation. (No way around it. You are a hack)


Stop resisting, and be open to the process. (Tiger Woods…. “its a process’).


Consider your options, and decide not to fight what the majority wants.  (Get in the skins game you pussy!)


You might decide that you have had enough and head in a different direction.  (Time to take up bowling as a hobby)


Your caring toward a loved one won’t go unnoticed.  (Said the golf gods.  Thanks SO much for replacing your divots, raking the bunkers, and fixing your ball marks!)

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