TaylorMade’s First FootGolf Shoe? The R15 FGZLDR Tour 360 SuperMegaOcto

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 26th, 2014
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As recent press releases have touted, FootGolf is growing rapidly.  FootGolf is a game where soccer balls are kicked into 21 inch holes on golf courses.  A Hooked On Golf Blog patron who asked to remain anonymous sent in this photo of what appears to be the the first shoe TaylorMade/adidas will bring into the emerging Foot Golf market. The photo appears to be authentic, since it has the “WRX” watermarking on it.


The revolutionary FootGolf shoe is the “R15 FGZLDR Tour 360 SuperMegaOcto” and the anonymous source tells HOG availability will be in the future.

R15 FGZLDR Tour 360 SuperMegaOcto Features:

  • Fully adjustable from 180 degrees open to 180 degrees closed (Tour 360)
  • Waterproof all-leather upper
  • Built in compass
  • Hybrid street spikes or standard soft spikes
  • Low center of gravity which helps launch the soccer ball higher and easier, with less spin
  • Highest MOI available produces higher soccer ball launch angle and massive distance
  • Eight individual movable weights per shoe
  • Three sliders per shoe

Retail pricing on the regular model will be $199.  The forthcoming R15 FGZLDR Tour 360 SuperMegaOcto “TP” model will feature all the same options as above and run $499.  For those who are on a limited budget there’s good news.  After six months the pricing for these FootGolf shoes will drop to $99 and $199 (TP model) when the next model, the R15 FGZLDR Tour 360 SuperMegaOcto Stage Duo is released.

Custom fitting is recommended.

3 responses to “TaylorMade’s First FootGolf Shoe? The R15 FGZLDR Tour 360 SuperMegaOcto”

  1. SimonM says:

    I am a little dubious as to whether this is real. Adjustable weights? Adjustable to closed or open? Sounds like a joke to me.

  2. longiron says:

    It’s due out on April first.