My 2014 PGA Championship Tiger Woods Themed Apparel Script

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 6th, 2014
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Every major championship I wait for all the golf blogs and golf media to regurgitate the latest golf “apparel scripting” which is bulk emailed to them by golf PR firms and golf apparel companies.  Such a win/win for all involved.  The bloggers/writers don’t have to spend time actually writing content, and the PR gets their message out!  And it is such valuable information!

I wasn’t going to get up a 2 a.m. and watch the Open Championship, but as soon as I saw Jonas Blixt’s scripting I couldn’t sleep.  I HAD to watch it. Then after the first round, I went to the golf store and bought every piece of Blixt’s scripting for all four rounds.  Unfortunately he missed the cut.  So sad for those dead Saturday and Sunday scripts.  I threw the two weekend outfits in the trash.  I never even got to wear them.


In the spirit of “glory’s last shot” in the 2014 PGA Championship, I’ve spent a ton of time and effort crafting my own apparel script (above).  This script takes on the Tiger Woods daily theme for the week.

Are you interpreting that I think Tiger will miss the cut this week?  I sure hope not.  The whole golf industry is dependent on Tiger and it costs jobs and billions of dollars in the economy when Tiger misses the cut.  We need him.  In fact, if he misses the cut I think I’ll cancel my weekend tee times.

Let me know your thoughts…

One response to “My 2014 PGA Championship Tiger Woods Themed Apparel Script”

  1. SimonM says:

    Pretty funny apparel script right there, Tony. My thoughts on the Tiger economy are that your premise is true, a LOT of money goes away when he’s not playing. My thesis is that it has to be the result of a certain segment of the golf viewing population that got so taken with the Tiger of yesteryear, that he is almost their sole draw factor. So…why has it endured for so long into his slump (kind depiction)? I know everyone likes a comeback, but how many times do you watch, waiting for it? Also, is he irreplaceable in that regard? He may be, if the reason the casual watcher is so taken, is that he had such an explosive and lengthy run of success. If so, when will there be another golfer with a run like that (along with other interest factors – like the fact he is (mostly) black? Anyway, less a thesis I guess and more a series of questions.





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