Bringing a Squirt Gun to a Tank Battle

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 9th, 2014
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Had a gross golf match yesterday at one of my home clubs, Bonneville.  It was a 2nd round match for me, having defeated my first opponent 7 and 6.

I did not know my opponent until I met him on the tee yesterday.  What I did know was that he was the #1 seed and his “league” handicap was a +2.9.  As it turned out, he is a player on the University of Utah Men’s Golf Team, and a +4 handicap in the state.  For me (a current 3 handicap) to beat a +3 or +4 would be a very tall ask.

Too tall.

My opponent was long of course, aren’t all young flat bellies these days?  On the first hole he had a lob wedge into the green.  That hole is an uphill par-5.  He reached all the par-5’s in two, the longest club he needed on any of them was a 9-iron.  On a 470 yard par-4, he hit an iron off the tee.  My driver was about 3 yards longer than his 3-iron.

I did not play terrible by any means, but not my A game.  I shot four over par for the round and my opponent shot one under par.  I was dispatched from the match play tournament on the 13th green, the same place I dispatched my first round opponent.

It is hard to be disappointed with this loss because I was simply out of my league, like bringing a squirt gun to a tank battle.  I did manage to win one hole, the 12th.  Moral victory.

Net Match Today

I don’t much have time to lick my wounds.  I’m entered in the “net” match play at the same club and I play my 2nd round opponent today at 3:30.  My odds today are much more reasonable.  I’d call it bringing a squirt gun to a squirt gun fight.

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