Did a Bridgestone Golf Online Ball Fitting Tune-Up – Confirmed What I Already Suspected

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
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For a quite a while I’ve been gaming the Bridgestone Golf  B330-S golf ball and really loving it. A couple of months ago my supply ran out and I had 2-3 sleeves of  B330’s in the garage, so I decided to see if they felt any different.  Mind you, these are last year’s models.  This year’s model is “improved” but I have yet to test any out to see how much improvement there really is.  So for the last month and a half I’ve been gaming the 2013 B330.  I originally picked the B330-S because it has more spin than the B330.  Surprisingly though, the S feels a bit harder than the B330.  I seem to remember someone at Bridgestone telling me the S was in fact a little harder, which is part of the reason it can spin more.

After gaming the B330’s I do notice they seem softer, which is great for my golfer’s elbow.  It also feels great off the driver.  I’ve found no difference in distance for my granny dual chicken wing over the top swing, both are great.

A screen cap of part of my online fitting with Bridgestone…


Before I restocked I decided to jump on the Bridgestone website and do an online fitting, what they call BFit.  I’ve done a couple of read-deal in-person fittings in the past, but not for a couple of years.  Basically this session would be a confirmation of what I seem to have concluded, that for now my gamer is the B330.  My swing speed is around 100mph, measured recently by the new Swing Caddy launch monitor.  I can get it up to 102 or 103, but not without swinging too hard.  That swing speed puts me on the borderline between a B330-RX series or the B330 series.  I do feel I benefit from the added performance of the B330 and my online fitter “Mellowman” agreed.  I’m sure that was one of his easier fittings.

I’m stoked to get my B330’s back in the bag and I have confidence in what they are doing for me.  I’ve played some very improved golf this season so far, including a 2nd in my flight at the Salt Lake City Am.

I still think it would be fun to do an online fitting and totally mess with the fitter:  “Yeah, can your golf balls fix my hook slice?”

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