Friday the 13th Golf Superstitions – Who is Plagiarising Who?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 13th, 2014
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Being Friday the 13th I thought I’d do a golf blog post on golf superstitions. I have many of my own, and most everyone I know has them.  Once I shot that great round I wore the same underwear for 22 straight days…  Won a lot of bets.

Here are a few of my golf superstitions:

13. I listen to heavy rock & roll in the car and in the parking lot of the course.  I always have music in my head, so I pick a song which I can stand to “hear” for the next five hours.

13. I like to use the same ball marker every round, one from Balcomie Links in Scotland.  But I do have other’s which I will use if necessary.

13. I will not use blue tees.  It is a college football thing.  I prefer white tees, mainly because the white paint leaves a mark on the club to show you if you’re close to the sweet spot.

13. Speaking of blue, I don’t use anything blue.  No blue bag.  No blue head covers.  No blue golf towel.

13. I do NOT carry a ball retriever.  That’s like asking to hit a ball in the water.

13. If I’m riding in a golf cart (“buggy” in the UK), I only pick carts which have good “golf” numbers, like 69, 34, 70, 71.  NO way I’d pick cart #85.

Who is Plagiarising Who?

I googled “golf superstitions” and the first two links I read (below) were practically the same piece, just a few words moved around. Who is copying who?

I wonder if these two lists above are the only two, or if there are more…

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