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First Match of 2014 is Today

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
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I’ve said many times that my favorite form of competitive golf is match play.  It was in a match play format in 2005 when I won my (first) club championship at River Oaks.  That’s the proudest moment in my personal amateur golf career.  I made birdies on 17 and 18 to win 1UP.  That same season I made the championship match at another club, Meadowbrook as well.  That match was 27 holes, and I was 2UP after 18.  My opponent, a former pro, rattled off five five birdies in a row.

I’ve had many matches over the years and each match has its own personality.  Some great, some not.  One great one was one I lost to a guy who I witnessed shooting a 62 on my home course.  In that match I made five birdies.  All were tied.  I played great and lost.  All you can say is “well played.  Good luck in the next match!”

This afternoon I have my first gross match at Bonneville, one of my three home courses.  This one is a gross match against a player who carries about the same handicap I’m carrying right now.  My handicap is inflated from high scores this spring as I shook off the rust.  Then again, my opponent’s might be as well.  I don’t know my opponent.  Should be fun.  The winner of my match today will face the #1 seed, a +2.9 handicap.  Strictly by the numbers it sounds like 2nd round exit for one of us, but you never know.  We are all human.

For fun I also entered the net match play at Bonneville.  I don’t have much of a chance in this one as I’ll be giving up a lot of strokes to my opponents.  As one of the four lowest handicappers in the field, I got an automatic bye in the first round.  The net match play is 9-holes, with the final being 18.  Ask me if it was fun after my first match.  We’ll see if I’m too irritated about giving up shots!

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