Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014
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The other day my lovely wife told me to get a grip. I one-upped her and got 13 of them, the Golf Pride CP2 Wraps to be exact…

My gamer set grip setup was a total hack job done by my local pro shop. I’d given them a set of grips to install and they ruined most of them. So they put a hodge podge of random grips on my clubs. Yes I shouldn’t have put up with that, but they did it for free. I guess you get what you pay for. I finally now have the same grips across the set, barring the putter, the CP2 Wraps.

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

CP2 Wrap Overview

The CP2 Wrap is a tacky grip engineered for comfort, control, and performance. Inside the grip is Golf Pride’s “Control Core” technology, which stabilizes and reduces torque.

The taper of the grip is designed to result in even grip pressure in both hands, very important for accuracy and power.


The CP2 Wrap is available in standard (my choice), Midsize, and Jumbo.

Golf Grip

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

On The Course

I changed out my grips exactly one week before a local amateur tournament which is the biggest and most important to me, the Salt Lake City Amateur. Would that be a wise move?

During my 4 pre-tournament rounds I found the grips to be a tad harder than what I’m used to and what I prefer, though Golf Pride’s description for them touts softness. I got used to the difference quickly though, and it has not been an issue since.

The tackiness of the grips is fantastic. There’s almost no chance of any slippage. With a solid connection to the club the power of the swing, feel, and control are all at peak performance.

By the time the tournament came around, I was not thinking about the grips at all. They’d just become part of the tools I’d need for getting the job done, and boy did they ever. After the first round I was tied for 3rd in my flight. I hit many solid drives and irons, fully benefiting from the control the grips provided.

Conditions on the 2nd day were tough for all and despite thinking I could have played better, I climbed up a spot to finish the two-day event tied for 2nd place. That’s the best finish I’ve ever had in the event which means so much to me. The grips were certainly a key component, along with the clubs, ball, and of course keeping my spastic swing under control.


Grips are the player’s connection to the golf club.  Great grips help promote great distance control, increased power, better accuracy, and better scores.

The Golf Pride CP2 Wrap was a big part of my best-ever performance in the tournament which is most important to me, and the highest payout in prize money I’ve ever collected.

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