Tiger Woods Loses World #1 Ranking to Adam Scott – Will He Ever Regain it?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 19th, 2014
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Tiger Woods

Will Tiger Break Jack’s record? Before you ask that question the billionth, pass me the barf bag…

Get ready for a nauseating number of articles and features in the golf media about the latest shakeup in the world rankings. Without either player playing a tournament this past week, Adam Scott has attained the top ranking in the world, overtaking Tiger Woods. Tiger moves to #2. Refer to the top 100 golf ranking table as of May 19, 2014 in the previous post.  At least the focus will be Tiger and Adam and the world golf rankings, rather than “hot wives and girlfriends of the PGA Tour,” or some trash like that.

For Adam Scott this is fantastic, the culmination of years of hard work and sticking with it.  The questions I have about Scott:

  • How long will Scott sit at #1?
  • Would he be in this position without the belly putter?
  • What will happen on January 1, 2016 when he can no longer anchor his putter?  He did move to that putting style for a reason.

My opinions? Perhaps I can answer all three questions in one sentence.  Scott could stay at #1 as long as he can anchor his putter.  The swing is practically flawless.

Now that Tiger has lost the #1 spot I have a few questions and comments:

  • How far will Woods fall and how fast?
  • Will Tiger ever gain the #1 spot again?
  • I will NOT ask the mind-numbing question which the media and golf forums have asked about a billion times too many, regarding whether or not he will break Jack’s record.
  • Perhaps a better question: will Tiger win another major?

My answers to these questions? First, nothing can be answered until Woods returns. And when he does, who knows what kind of shape his game will be in, physically or mentally.

Will Tiger ever regain the #1 spot? At this point I doubt it. He’s not getting any younger and his body is quite beat up. Decades of high torque and his violent swings have taken a toll. The advantages he once had over the other players, like length, are no longer advantages.  He is older, not as long, and no longer feared.  The edge is gone, like it or not.

Will Tiger win another major?  I have no reason to think he will based on the last few years, younger players, longer players, etc.

Speaking of #1 rankings, here’s another question:

  • What happened to Rory McIlory?  He has dropped from #1 to #10.
  • Will McIlory regain the #1 ranking?

Opinions Welcome

I’d love to hear your opinion on any of these questions or comments.  I’ll even offer up a friendly debate if you disagree with me.  Comment here, or on any of the HOG social networks.

One response to “Tiger Woods Loses World #1 Ranking to Adam Scott – Will He Ever Regain it?”

  1. SimonM says:

    Tony, I’ll take a stab at the Adam Scott questions: 3 months, no, will stay in top 15.

    On the Rory question, I don’t think he will regain the #1 spot (unless maybe he plays in many more minor tournaments perhaps).





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