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Hats off to the Fort Worth City Council, Finding Golf Courses Enhance Quality of Life

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 15th, 2014
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Golf gets a bad wrap sometimes.  For some reason, those who don’t “get it” think golf is an elitist sport and that golf courses are no good for their community.  They think golf takes up too much space and has too much of a negative impact on the environment.  Those people have seen too much golf on TV, like the Masters Tournament or have seemingly only been exposed uber-exclusive high end country clubs.  Municipal courses are very valuable to a community.

The Fort Worth City council was deciding whether to scrap their local Rockwood Golf Course or invest funds into bringing the facilities up to modern standards.  I’m thrilled at their findings and some of the things they had to say about golf when assessing what to do.  From the Fort Worth Star Telegram:

While there’s been a lot of discussion lately as to whether golf is an elite sport that should not require city subsidies, the presentation to the council Tuesday emphasized that golf courses are as much a part of the park program as playgrounds, aquatic centers, the nature center, the zoo, and dog and skate parks.

Reinvesting in these facilities is “good stewardship of the assets the public has entrusted to us.  It’s a holistic view of the parks — all are part of the quality of life portfolio,” said Richard Zavala, director of parks and community services.

Hats off to the Fort Worth City Council.  Their assessment is a hole-in-one.

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