Winds up to 70mph Rip Through Town – I Golfed in Them

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 24th, 2014
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Hole #4 River Oaks – saw it happen

Tuesdays are one of my two men’s league days at one of my three home courses (yes I consider myself to have three) River Oaks.  “River” is a super tight course with hazards in every imaginable direction.  You can’t miss a tee shot or you’re hitting three somewhere.  One thing which makes the course even more difficult is the winds which are usually 1-3 clubs.  This past Tuesday though, the winds were enough to shave trees off at the base.  The temperatures were warm for most of the round since it was a south wind, so playing in these extreme winds was actually quite fun.  Balls would not stay put on the greens and any drives which had the slightest of spin would be thrown off to oblivion.

I knew the winds were strong, but didn’t realize how strong.  Some winds were clocked at 70mph in the area and roughly 10,000 people ended up without power.  Another oddity to this extreme weather was the giant dust cloud which covered the valley.  A slight rain added to the dust cloud producing a very gross “mud rain” which covered me, my gear, and my car.

After about 12 holes of this craziness the wind shifted from a south wind to a north wind.  Once that happens arctic air hits and the temps drop.  We went from 75 to 40 in about 10 seconds.  Do you know what the wind chill is when it is 40 degrees with a 30mph wind?  I’d define it as “go home” cold.

When I got home the lawn furniture was blown into the neighbor’s yard and all the windows of the house were covered with the rain mud.

I can only conclude that I’m nuts for playing in those conditions, but it was just a wee breeze as they say in Scotland.

By the clubhouse…

One response to “Winds up to 70mph Rip Through Town – I Golfed in Them”

  1. Boynie says:

    A wee breeze that we in Scotland look out at from the comfort of the Clubhouse…hahaha





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