Politically Incorrect Golf April Fools Jokes Which Might Get Me In Trouble

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
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golfwrx_mostinterestingmanAPRIL 1, 2014

GolfWRX announced it will stop watermarking photos of golf bags which are full of hand-made, tour-only golf clubs that amateurs can’t buy, and if they could they couldn’t hit them anyway.

The Hacker’s Paradise announced that they’ll stop giving away golf gear in their website contests, also known as their ”buying fans” program. Site expected to shut down due to lack of traffic within 24 hours.

Golf readers care about the Hackers Paradise “tour van.”

Golf Digest has decided to come out with their top 100 list of top 100 lists containing top 100 lists of the top 100 lists.

Back9Network has announced they will no longer post photos of Paulina Gretzky and will instead focus on golf journalism. Site expected to shut down due to lack of traffic within 24 hours.

American readers of John Duval’s social networks and Intothegrain.com care about hockey.

People like the new PGA Tour website.

I will not complain about my short game this season.

I will not complain about any part of my golf game this season.

10 out of 10 golf readers care about the “apparel scripts” of PGA Tour golfers and would love to see them posted for every tour event, and not just major championships.

TaylorMade Golf has announced that their latest driver model to be their last. It is so long, no other driver could ever be longer.

Augusta National Golf Club announces “Women’s Masters” tournament.

Golf Channel announces releasing of all male on-air personalities. Will switch to “all hot female” lineup following recent analysis comparing male ratings versus hot female ratings.

Golf Channel announces new “Big Break G-String” series. Highest ratings of any Big Break series expected.

Golf media jointly agrees to stop writing “will Tiger Woods break Jack Nicklaus’s major championship record?” articles and social networking posts.

Golf media jointly agrees to stop asking players not named Tiger Woods questions about Tiger Woods.

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