Finally Found a Good Use for Those Golf Club Stands

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 17th, 2014
Categories: Boneheads
beer mug stand

Golf Club Stand Beer Mug Stand

A short time ago I blew up with a rant about these awful “golf club stands.” They’re inventions no serious golfer will ever use, which have been reinvented about a billion times. Why a golf inventor or entrepreneur would spend valuable time and money developing one of these useless sticks in the ground was beyond me, until yesterday…

I was sitting on the back porch enjoying some spring sunshine with a frosty Peroni in my hand. Next to me were several of these golf club stands which the wife had been using in the garden to hold up her tomato plants. I realized that the green one was perfect for holding up my beer mug.

So, I apologize for being so critical of all those golf inventors who have invented the golf club stand over and over. I just realized I have about 15 beer mug stands! The next party in my backyard is going to rock.

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