Florida Police Cracking Down on Gambling Golfers

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 7th, 2014
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20110621-104613.jpgI hope this isn’t a precedent here.  Golf Digest and Fox News are reporting a story on Florida police cracking down on golf courses who are participating in their league’s gambling. They’re calling the golf courses “gambling houses.”  Last time I was at my home course I don’t remember seeing any slot machines, blackjack dealers, hookers, and Elvis impersonators.  And they didn’t serve me free drinks.  Wait a second.  I did see some hookers… and slicers.

Let’s face it, the majority of golfers do gamble on the course.  99.9% of those wagers are “friendly” bets of $2.00 or perhaps just a victory beer.

Personally I think it is a big waste of time for any law enforcement agency to go after this kind of thing.  What’s next?  Cracking down on office Super Bowl pools?  Don’t they have bigger fish to fry, like say burglars, murderers, rapists…. I could go on.

And how much do you want to bet (pun intended) that any of those law enforcement officers, or any other folks who work in the justice system in Florida, wager in their league via nassau’s, skins or other games?

Besides, I look at these exchanges of cash (when I collect from my opponents) on the golf course as “donations to my son Seve’s college fund.”

5 responses to “Florida Police Cracking Down on Gambling Golfers”

  1. Mark Werlein says:

    Great article, Tony. I’m not sure it really is gambling. Gambling must have three components; prize, consideration, and chance. It’s the chance part that’s missing. The winners of a friendly Nassau or bingo, bango, bongo is based on the outcome of a game of skill; not chance (or at least skill weighs more heavily than blackjack or craps). Based upon their definitions they could put the entire AmTour out of business.

  2. Ed Davison Jr says:


  3. fortunato51 says:

    Ridiculous…haven’t they anything more important to do ? Like fighting crime and attending to public safety ?