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24 Hours is NOT Sufficient to Review a Pair of Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 4th, 2014
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FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes


I submit to you that one cannot write a fully informed and accurate review of a golf apparel or equipment item within 24 hours of receiving it, especially a golf shoe. I debuted my FootJoy DNA’s back on January 15th, the day I received them. Within 24 hours a certain website which I’ll refrain from naming posted a “review” of these shoes. Let me get this straight, a golf writer can play enough golf in 24 hours to review a brand new pair of golf shoes? I don’t think so. Obviously their goal was to get the “scoop” and I suppose they did.

And now back to the “whats in the bag?” photos…

Real Golf Reviews

One thing I really try to do here is be as no nonsense and honest as possible with my golf equipment reviews. There’s no way I’m going to write a phony review about FootJoy golf shoes, or anything else for that matter. If I don’t play it enough to REALLY evaluate it and reach a solid conclusion good or bad, I will not post a review. That’s why I didn’t post my FootJoy DNA review a month and a half ago. I hadn’t played enough rounds in them, on a real golf course, hitting a real golf ball, walking on real grass. I have now.


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