Super Bowl 48 – Denver Shanks One OB on the First Tee, Erin Andrews Phallic Microphone

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 3rd, 2014
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Erin Andrews phallic mic - Nice play Fox Sprots

Erin Andrews phallic mic – Nice play Fox Sprots audio crew!

Yesterday’s Super Bowl was entertaining on a few levels.  First, thanks to my brother-in-law for pointing out how phallic the microphone sideline reporter Erin Andrews was using and posting this pic to Facebook.  As a former audio engineer and recording studio owner, I’ve never seen a microphone windscreen shaped like that.  Great joke by the Fox audio crew.  Nicely played Fox Sports!

Sometimes my golf game is like the performance the Denver Broncos put on Sunday. From their first snap, which went over Peyton Manning’s head and eventually ended up as a safety for the Seattle Seahawks, Denver was far from on their A game.  I looked at it like shanking the first shot out of bounds in a big tournament and never recovering.

So for fun I posted this question on my Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus social networks:

What is the golf equivalent to the Denver Broncos performance in the Super Bowl?

The responses are quite entertaining:


Brian Remsberg ‏@BRGolfer
Bubba missing a 3 ftr AFTER blowing lead? “@TheGolfSpace: What is the golf equivalent to the Denver Broncos performance in the Super Bowl?”

Ryan David ‏@RDGolfMedia
@TheGolfSpace Kevin Na carding a 16 on #9 at the Texas Open? #neverhadachance

Golf2Work ‏@golf2work
@TheGolfSpace Gregg Normans Masters loss to Faldo

Ryan Young ‏@Front9Back9
@TheGolfSpace Tiger completely crapping the bed at Torrey two weeks ago.

Rob Braun ‏@ropabr11103
@TheGolfSpace Rory on Sunday at Masters a few years back

Breadchick ‏@Breadchick
@TheGolfSpace Sergio’s play on the 17th hole at Players last year?

Curtis Stock ‏@CurtisJStock
@TheGolfSpace rained out

Adam Fonseca ‏@ChicagoDuffer
@TheGolfSpace Tiger at second Masters? Rory at PGA? Tin Cup at Monday qualifier?

Google Plus

Darrell Williams
A crop dusting flaming shank ….. LOL

George Sealy
Well I thought that the Shark pretty much caved in that Masters that Faldo won.

Anthony Heling

Giovette Foster
ryder cup or masters

Tom Munguia
Rory blowing the Master’s on Sunday

John Watson
Jean Van de Velde’s meltdown at the 1999 British Open at Carnoustie

Chris AdamsYesterday
Calcavechia at the War by the shore,91 ryder cup

stefan wirz
The Open 1999 – van de Velde’s 72nd hole!!

Donald Schramm
van De Velde in ’99


John Retzer John Daly with his 18 on the par 5 at Bay Hill?
11 hours ago · Like

John Retzer Or Kevin Na’s 16 out of the woods at the Valero?

Dan Smith
Tiger missing a cut.

John F Duval
That would be like Tiger shooting a pair of 80s at Augusta to miss the cut.

John Retzer
A little more research: Tommy Armour made a 23 on a par-5 at the 1927 Shawnee Open.

Scott Holm
Greg Norman…

Liana N Fraser Moreland
Jean van de velde, cause just like the Donkeys,he shit himself…..

Dave Ewart
Shooter mcgavin……lol

Jay Flemma
Stephen Ames 9&8

Debbie Dahmer

Francisco Garcia
Tigers post injury Grand Slam record. about an hour ago

Jeff Bricker
Most rounds by John Daly back a few years ago

The most popular analogy seemed to be Van De Velde’s meltdown in the British Open at Carnoustie.  Not sure that’s the best analogy as he blew the lead and should have won.  Denver never seemed to get off the tee and never had the lead.

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2 responses to “Super Bowl 48 – Denver Shanks One OB on the First Tee, Erin Andrews Phallic Microphone”

  1. Ryan @Front9Back9 says:

    Hey thanks for the mention! Great question you posed. I think you can include any Tiger mishap over the last 2-3 year’s in any majors!





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