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Most Awesome Golf Score Card Wallet in the World

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 24th, 2014
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Atlanta, Georgia based Ecktron Performance makes custom embroidered golf accessories, namely head covers, cash covers,  and score card wallets.  Unlike working with other vendors who provide this type of service, you don’t need to make 100 or 1000 units to get your logo put on these accessories.  Ecktron Performance will make you ONE for a one-of-a-kind product with your company logo, school logo or your name.  Granted the cost per unit is certainly higher than if you made 1000 of them, but if you only want one or two the cost is far less than making 1000 and trying to give the other 998 away!

Check out the cover of the Hooked On Golf Blog score card wallet:

HOG Golf Score Card Wallet - Beautiful - click to zoom

HOG Golf Score Card Wallet – Beautiful – click to zoom

The inside of the wallet:

golf wallet

Wallet Inside – click to zoom

Look at the photo above. Bonus points for the reader who can identify what golf course that score card belongs to.


One critique on this wallet is that it is a little stiff.  I’m hoping over time it will loosen up a bit.


Hats of to Ecktron Performance for filling a niche in the golf accessory world which had yet to be tapped into.  There are certainly many folks who would like their own custom designs on their head covers and wallets.  I’m thrilled to be one of them!

Stay tuned for the HOG driver cover and HOG putter cover reviews.

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