Not Attending the PGA Merchandise Show This Year

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014
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For the first time in about a decade I have decided to skip attending the PGA Merchandise Show. Many of my golf associates seem a bit shocked about this and understandably. I’ve been a fixture there for a long time. I’m still getting calls and texts inviting me to booths, parties, lunch, and rounds of golf in Orlando! I will really miss seeing my friends and associates, and some of the golf media/bloggers. Some, not all! Most of all, I’ll miss walking by the women’s apparel booths which have female mannequins with erect nipples. OOOHHH…

I will miss my golf blog pals…

I was one of, if not THE first blogger to do live blogging and social networking from the PGA Show and probably the first to shoot POV video interviews. With so many other bloggers and social networkers at the show these days, I decided I’d stay home with the lovely wife and my one year old, save the money, and let them all cover it. As an independent blogger without a parent company paying the way, it is an expensive proposition to go to the show from Salt Lake. With recent changes in Google’s search results and ad structure, it could take months or even years for my ad revenue to cover the costs of going to the show like airfare, hotels, food, rental cars etc. It all comes out of my pocket. Honestly, I’d rather put that dough toward my next trip to Scotland.

I’m also thrilled to be avoiding whatever it is in the Orlando air or that awful swamp water there which throws my body into some kind of jacked up sickness. As soon as I roll into O-town my eyes become bloodshot and worst of all, I get mega-constipation. “Yes Tony, blog more about your bowels and their lack of functionality.” Hey, if you were at a trade show for a week and NEVER had a sit down on the porcelain throne, you’d feel my pain, literally. It hurts. I’m happily home, and having regular daily sit downs… ahhh.

I’ve been pondering all of the wonders I’ll miss at the PGA Show, the booth babes, the new longest drivers in the world, golf balls which are longer than ever.  I decided to do a cynical post about the PGA Merchandise Show here.

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