Happy Birthday Dad – I’ll Never Forgive You for Introducing Me to Such a Great Game

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 10th, 2014
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It is my dad’s birthday today.  My dad has introduced me to two lifelong sports, golf and skiing.  He is awesome at both and has been a great role model and teacher on the golf course, the slopes, and in life.


I jokingly say I’ll never forgive my dad for introducing me to such a great game (golf).  I’ve greatly enjoyed the many 1000’s of rounds of golf we’ve shared, especially when we beat his country club sandbagger friends out of their cash.  That’ll teach ’em.

At 77 pop can still play some great golf.  He’s STILL playing my old Titleist 983K driver with a stiff shaft and 8.5 degrees.  I can’t even hit that damn thing now!  I keep trying to give him newer and more modern drivers but he keeps going back to that one.  We have teamed up over the years to win many father/son and two-man championships!  We’ve also had some of those really bad days where we both sucked, finishing DFL.  Tough to feel like you let your partner down on those days but still a ton of fun.

Speaking of championships, I’ll never forget the day I went to the club to cash in my winnings from one of the tournaments we won.  I picked out some nice apparel and brought it up to the counter.  The pro asked for my payment and I told him to just take the funds from my winnings in the last tournament.  His response was, “your dad spent all the winnings…”   I put my tail between my legs and put the stuff back on the racks.  Dad thought it was quite funny and I do now, sort of.

Happy birthday dad.  Yes it is today.

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