Top Golf Driving Range Balls Have Microchips Which Track Distance and Accuracy

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 9th, 2014
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I just saw this article on about a driving range called Top Golf.  It isn’t just a range.  The hitting bays are three levels/stores.  The range balls have microchips in them which track distance and accuracy, and give points to players.  Groups can rent bays and have hitting competitions which are very fun.  Oh, and the bays are catered.  The location featured is so popular it is getting 30,000 visitors per MONTH.  Check out the video.

I doubt a Top Golf will come to Utah any time soon, but it would be cool if they did.

2 responses to “Top Golf Driving Range Balls Have Microchips Which Track Distance and Accuracy”

  1. Olivier says:

    We have a Top Golf in Austin which I have tried. Indeed the balls contain microchips which are used to track the ball. The driving range contains lots of targets and you can play games similar to say dart games (i.e. around the clock) competing with friends. Music is played, drinks and food are served, bays are cooled or heated and did I mention that ball are automatically loaded? Overall a pretty fun variation on the range theme with few downsides, the wait for a bay can be long and it is also a bit pricey though it is entertainment not so much golf per se. Definitely worth a try.