Winter Golf Can Be Fun

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 19th, 2013
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River Oaks Golf Course, Sandy, Utah

River Oaks Golf Course, Sandy, Utah – click to zoom

I snuck out of the office an hour early and hooked up with good buddy Dan for nine holes at River Oaks this afternoon.  It has been very cold here, raining and with snow in higher elevations.  A storm had just blown off when we teed off on our first hole, #10.

Normally I’ve got no desire to play in the cold.  Armed with some marginal temperatures, no wind (very important), and some great layering golf apparel, I gave it a shot.  Glad I did.  We had a blast and we were the ONLY people on the back nine.  If you can bear the cold during the offseason in the colder areas of north america, it could be the best time to play.  Today the play was fast, the greens were smooth and there was no waiting on any shot.

Strangely I had one of my best ball striking rounds of the year.  Despite the cold my drives were about 30-40 yards longer than normal.  I out-drove Dan by some 75 yards on a few occasions.  The irons seemed to be compressing the ball perfectly.  The 4-iron on #16 went 240 and that’s in 40 degree temps!  It was quite satisfying to hit the ball so purely having not touched a golf club for exactly 21 days.

The round today inspires me to come up with another post, something like “top five reasons to play winter golf.”

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